Covid-19 Protocols

We are aiming to be a part of the solution. Because of this, below are the protocols we are taking in order to ensure both student and teacher safety during these weird times.


Updated May 5, 2021

  • Class sizes should be no more than 10 students*. While drop-ins are still available on Eventbrite and by cash (just show up), we are aiming to sell more pre-registration passes in order to 'fill' classes with repeat faces (as recommended by the CDC)


     We will be taking student contact information before each class for contact tracing purposes


  • Bring your own everything (this includes mat, beach blanket, water bottle, props, etc.)

  • Mats will be placed six feet apart from each other

  • Teachers will not make adjustments and will stay in their own bubble as much as possible

  • Teachers will have hand sanitizer on them at all times

  • We ask that if you feel sick, you please stay home

*as it will be difficult to track who is all attending, we will do our best to safely make space if classes fill beyond 10 in order to not turn anyone away.

Let's get down to earth, take care of ourselves, and take care of one another!