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Our People



Director | RYT-200+

With a strong passion for philanthropy and community development, Jamie founded West Coast Community Yoga (formerly known as Mountain Movement Yoga) in 2017 as a way to bring affordable and accessible yoga to the Similkameen Valley. Since this time, WCCY has expanded its offerings to provide a wide variety of yoga classes throughout Western BC.

Growing up as a dancer, Jamie has always had a passion for movement and today sees movement, breath, and mindfulness as medicine. In 2016, Jamie obtained her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha-focused) at Passage Studios (formerly, Yoga Passage) in Calgary, AB under the guidance of Tracy Mann (BSc Kinesiology & former PS co-owner), Tanis Fishman (Yoga Nidra, School of Sankalpa) and Dr. Carol Hutchinson (MD, Orthopedic Surgery). Jamie looks forward to continuing her yoga education throughout her lifetime. 


  • Yoga Alliance 200h Hatha | Passage Studios (Tracy Mann, Tanis Fishman, Dr. Carol Hutchinson) | Calgary, AB

  • Yoga Outreach Core Training 18h | Vancouver, BC




Since 2018, Candice has been offering free or by donation yoga for the DTES community. In Candice's classes, you are sure to find mindful and meditative movement through deliberate and repetitive asana. Combining Hatha and Vinyasa, Candice's classes offer ease and strength for each participant. Variations for all levels are always available.


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Karma Teachers, Vancouver BC



RYT-200 +

Under the steady guidance and wisdom of many gifted teachers, Julia has been practicing yoga for over five years and instructing for over two years. As a teacher, Julia hopes to share what she has learned throughout her journey by facilitating a practice in which her students can invite breath, mantra, and affirmations, to calm the mind and the nervous system. Julia hopes that her classes will allow each student to navigate their being with more ease, fluidity, appreciation, strength, and mindfulness both on and off their mats.

See Julia's cermaic art @curatedsentience.


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Green Yoga India | Goa, India

  • Holistic Yoga Teacher Training 20h | Kailash Tribal School | Mcleod Ganj, India

  • Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher Training 25h | Karma Teachers | Vancouver BC

  • Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training 50h | Karma Teachers | Vancouver BC

  • Kundalini and Lifestyle Training | Aquarian Luminosity 160h | The Dharma Temple, Vancouver



RYT-200 + | Jikiden Reiki Level 1 & 2

From Himanshi,


"I was born and brought up in India and moved to Canada in 2019  to pursue further education. I believe yoga has always been a part of my life since childhood when my grandmother and mother used to share mythological ancient stories. 

It was not until 2020, I discovered how much I belong here, and being at the service of this sacred knowledge is my Dharma. I am a certified yoga teacher and am learning continuously with my teachers Lucy St John, Peter Elmas, and Niki Inglis.

Along with being a lifelong yoga student, I am an energy healer and an Ayurveda practitioner.

My personal practice of yoga encompasses all the 8 Limbs of it and not just the asana. And my aim is to share this practice as it is, authentic and with integrity.
In terms of asana though, my style is Hatha Yoga and I am looking to deepen my practice by taking Yin, Restorative, and Kundalini training in the near future."


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Karma Teachers, Vancouver BC

  • Kikiden Reiki Level 1 and 2 (including Kundalini Reiki)



Yoga Instructor | RYT-200 +

Mikaela is originally from Ontario, and has been happily living in Vancouver for the past 4 years.

Through recovery, Mikaela found peace through yoga & is excited to connect with all future students through West Community Yoga. Mikaela enjoys holding space for relaxing & restorative Hatha classes with a focus on pranayama & mediation. Mikaela's classes are intended for beginners but are certainly welcome to all levels.

Mikaela completed her 200HR Yoga Instructor Certification with Karma Teachers, Recognized by Yoga Alliance, guided by Lucy St. John, Peter Elmas & Nikki Inglis, in Aug 2020. She received her certification in Yoga 12 Step Recovery Y12SR, guided by Nikki Myers, in Feb 2021. Mikaela also has worked as an online Yoga Instructor with EsVedra Wellness.

Mikaela is passionate about empowerment, inclusivity, the 8 limbs of yoga, trauma-informed practice, and honoring those who have taught before her.


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Karma Teachers | Vancouver, BC

  • Yoga 12 Step Recovery | Nikki Myers | Vancouver, BC



Director | E-RYT-300 +

Lorena has been practicing & living yoga for over ten years; she offers classes, workshops, and retreats in Mexico and Vancouver since 2012. Inspired by soulful teachers and different traditions, Lorena's journey has been one of growth, connection, transformation, presence, and beautiful awakening. Lorena aims to share these ancient practices as Sacred medicine to nurture the relationship with ourselves, others & our Earth; to reconnect with our true nature, and experience life from a space of love, courage, and truth.

Inspired by nature’s rhythms, her classes are dynamic, organic sequences designed to go within; to move with the body, flow with the breath, & feel with the soul. She combines asana, meditation, breath-work, mantra and integrates her own Mexican roots.

Find more about Lorena and her offerings at or on Instagram @arrowyoga.


  • Yoga Alliance 200h Vinyassa (Soul Yoga) | Alex Quiyono | Mexico City, Mexico

  • Yoga Alliance 100h Vinyasa Sequencing Lab | Alex Quiyono, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Hiking Yoga 100h | Eric Kipp, New York, NY 

  • ​Yoga Alliance Prana Flow 300h | Shiva Rea | Santa Monica, CA

  • Yoga Alliance Kundalini 200h | Jivasu Pradeep Kumar & Swami Atma | Rishikesh, India

  • Holistic Nutrition | CSNN | Vancouver, BC

  • Yoga Alliance Rainbow Kids Yoga 30h | Vancouver, BC

  • Aquarian Luminosity, Kundalini & Lifestyle Training | Tiaga Prem & Sarah Jade Gooding, The Dharma Temple | Vancouver BC

  • Yoga Alliance Shamanic Yoga 300h | Shamanic Yoga Institute | Squamish, BC



Director | RYT-200 +

From Deanna;

Yoga and Pranayama were the most profoundly liberating discoveries of my life. Pranayama opened a new door to understand the patterns of my mind, how that affects my body and the way I look at life. Through this journey, I learned how to organize my thoughts, and block out the unnecessary noise in a way that choices became more grounded and life flows easily towards my dreams. The teachings of Nature, and this practice, is where I found myself at home, deeply rooted in my own body. As a teacher, I am committed to passionately bring healing to those who wish to reconnect with their spirit and to create a safe space where you will be invited to be YOU and I will be honored to accompany you on your journey in finding a deeper relationship to your authentic self. 


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga, Sri Lanka

  • Yoga Outreach Core Training 18h | Yoga Outreach | Vancouver BC

Jaime G.jpg



Jaime is an artist and yoga practitioner. In terms of Asana practice, his influences come mostly from the Bikram sequence (taught to him by his instructor Danny Dvorkis) and Vinyasa-flow (taught to him by his instructors Lucy St. John’s and Peter Elmas). Expect a class that focuses on core and breath. All levels are welcome in Jaime's classes.


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Karma Teachers, Vancouver BC



RYT-200 +

Kelly has always enjoyed an active life.  She grew up in the Similkameen Valley and has spent countless hours exploring the outdoors of the South Okanagan and Similkameen with her family.  She swam competitively growing up, and taught fitness classes as a young adult, but never tried yoga, thinking that it “wasn’t for me.”  Well into middle age, with the encouragement of a good friend, she decided to give yoga a try and took her first class with Jamie Long of Mountain Movement Yoga.  Kelly immediately felt a very strong connection and yoga quickly became a daily practice, helping her to feel grounded in a way she hadn’t experienced before.  She also found much relief from the aches and pains of an aging body through increased strength and flexibility.  Wanting to learn more and go deeper into her practice, Kelly completed her teacher training through Reflexions Studio in 2020.  She is very grateful to be a part of the yoga community, and her desire is to help students through movement, breath, and self-awareness, to connect with themselves, their bodies, and the world around them.


  • Yoga Alliance 200h | Reflexions Studio, Penticton BC

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