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WCCY Unlimited Class Pass

  • No need to sign up before each class (with one of these passes you're a part of our crew!)
  • Show your pass to your teacher at the start of each class
  • Passes cannot be exchanged or transferred (this is based on an honor system)
  • Refunds are available on a case-by-case basis


$150 base rate | $120 using code 'WCCYaccessibility' | email us for further discounts to suit your financial needs



How to purchase

This pass is a one-time purchase. Purchase online or e-transfer to purchase your pass. A digital copy of your unlimited pass will be sent to you. Please feel free to print this out if it is easier for you.​


How to use

With a pass, there is no need to sign up for each class you plan to attend. Essentially, with this pass, you are part of our crew for the season <3. Your unlimited pass can be used at any WCCY class. Simply show up and show your teacher your pass before starting class. Please note, passes are non-transferrable and this is based on an honor system.​

WCCY 2021 Unlimited Pass

Excluding GST/HST
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