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Common Questions

Which of your classes is best suited for me?

All of our classes are hatha-based. Each teacher uses modifications to make each class as accessible as possible for all who wish to attend. If you have any questions or concerns before class, please feel free to email us or speak to your teacher before class starts. Find out more about each class here!

Can I use my class pass at any class location?

Yes! Simply bring your pass to the teacher of the class you are attending before the class begins and she or he will stamp the 10-punch pass for you/acknowledge the unlimited pass. Click here to find out more about how our punch passes work. If you have a class pass, there is no need to pre-register anywhere.

How do I register for class?

Book online, find us on Eventbrite, or purchase a 10-Punch Pass... then just show up! Because our classes are outdoor classes, we have not yet ever had to turn anyone away due to capacity issues. If you have a class pass, there is no need to pre-register anywhere.

What Covid-19 precautions are being taken?

Please find our pandemic protocols here.

Where do your classes take place?

We are located in Vancouver, Victoria, and the Similkameen Valley (Keremeos). See our class locations here.

Where do your donations go?

We donate to a variety of environmental, food-focused, and BIPOC organizations throughout BC (& sometimes beyond!). If you have a donation partner suggestion, please email us. See more about who we donate to here.

Have any other questions?

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